An overview of the Hypertensor tokenomics
All tokenomics decisions are designed for the longevity of Hypertensor and are controlled by the community DiscordLogo
The presale has sold out and is now complete!
Visit Discord for more information on the planned tokenomics. Any changes to the planned tokenomics require a governance vote of all token holders.
- Sold out -
Hypertensor is a Layer 1 NPoS Blockchain with incentives being rewarded to node operators and AI validators (subnet nodes) in return for their GPU computational output, based on the collective staking balance of per model and computation contributions, to validate the blockchain and host and validate subsets of AI models.
The blockchains rewards mechanism is similar to Bitcoin but without POW (Proof Of Work). There will be a halving cycle mechanism nearly identical to Bitcoin. The blockchain consensus mechanism is NPoS, therefor a minute inflation will be implemented to keep the network secure.
All final tokenomics decisions going into mainnet will be decided by token holders. This is a community project pioneering and furthering the decentralization of Artifical Intelligence. Join our Discord to be included in the conversation surrounding tokenomics.
Converting the halvings to Rust:

  // the following is a preliminary code snippet
  fn get_block_subsidy(_n: BlockNumberFor<T>) -> BalanceOf<T> {
    let halving_interval: u32 = T::HalvingInterval::get();

    let block_num_as_u32: u32 = TryInto::try_into(_n)
      .expect("block_num_as_u32 Err.");

    let halvings: u32 = block_num_as_u32 / halving_interval;

    if halvings >= 64 {
      return (0 as u32).saturated_into::<BalanceOf<T>>();

    let mut cost_in_u128: u128 = 4375000000000000000; // example placer for snippet
    cost_in_u128 >>= halvings;

    let block_subsidy: BalanceOf<T> = cost_in_u128.saturated_into::<BalanceOf<T>>();

A minute percentage of about 1.9% were held for a presale on the Ethereum Blockchain.
This results that 97% of the entire supply will not exist in the supply for many decades to come. The remaining tokens after the presale must be mined over the next 64 halvings.